Working together to achieve diversity and inclusion

Inclusion 360 is a collaboration with employers and a cross-functional team
within the Harvey Nash Group that promotes inclusive practices and behaviours, to create environments where everyone is equal and feels they belong.

Our history

With a 10 year history of championing diversity and inclusion, Harvey Nash has done more than most, not because we had to, but because it is the right thing to do.

Our own journey to becoming the first recruitment firm certified for EY's National Equality Standard (NES), has taught us a tremendous amount about culture change and the value in sharing ideas and experiences.

Our 360 approach

Real change can only happen when we all work together, which is why we started the Inclusion 360 movement.

We're sharing ideas and experiences with other organisations and also, ensuring we embed good practice back into our business and how we recruit and develop our own talent.

Our goals

Discover good practice and inclusive solutions.

Share knowledge and experiences with a passionate community

Embed inclusivity into practices and processes

Measure progress and move the goalpost

Growing collaborative communities

Our workshops and network events across the UK bring together hundreds of business leaders, HR directors, recruiters and diversity & inclusion specialists for interactive and lively discussions about the practicalities of embedding best practice in talent attraction and retention.

Unlocking inclusive leadership

Inclusion has to start at the top. Our Inclusive Leaders Forum brings together CEOs and executives to discuss some of the most challenging issues in D&I and hear from those leaders who have led successful culture change in their organisations.

Discovering and sharing inclusive

Good ideas should be spread, that's why we develop case studies, blogs, podcasts and best practice guides to help other organisations achieve their diversity and inclusion goals.

We share these freely to inspire and encourage others to lead inclusively.

Leading by example

Whilst all Harvey Nash employees have mandatory training in unconscious bias, the application of this knowledge is best achieved through integrating it into daily practices.

Through Inclusion 360 our consultants hear real life examples of the challenges their clients face and gain an understanding of what they can practically do to assist them and support them in achieving their objectives. 

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