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Inclusion Collective

Inclusion 360 is about mobilising and learning through collaboration.

We are creating network communities passionate about working together to solve shared business issues and support local and regional agendas. 

Each quarter over 100 employers take part in our Inclusion Collective events to discuss their experiences and those solutions that have delivered tangible benefits for diversity and inclusion.

These events bring together passionate professionals in recruitment, HR, diversity, inclusion, and L&D to hear ideas and meet their peers. The real success is seeing some of them establishing partnerships and sharing their progress each time we meet.

To join an event in a location near you, please contact: 

Natalie Whittlesey
E: Natalie.Whittlesey@harveynash.com 

Rahul Patel
E: Rahul.Patel@HarveyNash.com 

London (Mortimer Spinks)
Kayleigh McHale
E: Kayleigh.McHale@mortimerspinks.com  

Nathan Quinn
E: Nathan.Quinn@HarveyNash.com    

Jonathan Potter
E: Jonathan.Potter@HarveyNash.com   

Sonya F. Curley
E: Sonya.Curley@HarveyNash.com

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